Anaerobic Glove box - Fully automatic
  • Anaerobic Glove box - Fully automatic
  • Anaerobic Glove box - Fully automatic
  • Anaerobic Glove box - Fully automatic

The new 857-OTA One-Touch "Go Anaerobic" chamber allows one simple press of the "Go Anaerobic" button to create a strict anaerobic environment. No standing around to manually purge glove box.  Simply push the "Go Anaerobic" button on the large, color, touch-screen display and glove box automatically begins the purging sequence.  Only 300 liters of gas needed to achieve anaerobic atmosphere. 

The 857-OTA Anaerobic Chamber includes automatic purging of main chamber and transfer chamber, oxygen analyzer, pressure hold function, and a large easy-to-use touch screen. 


- Oxygen Analyzer changes from percentage (%) to parts-per-million (ppm) when O2 levels reach <0.5%  
O2 Sensor Accuracy (%): 0-100.0%     ±1.0% 
O2 Sensor Accuracy (ppm): 0-10,000     ±1.0% FS 
- Temperature Range: 5-90% Rh  -  Temperature accuracy:  ±1.0% 
- Gas Consumption for Anaerobic Achievement:  300 liter 


- Large, color, "Touch Screen" display 
- "Go Anaerobic" automatic purging 
- CE Approved electrical outlet strip. 
- Three Drying Train canisters with quick dis-connects. 
- White ambidextrous Hypalon gloves. 
- Programmable Catalyst Heater Unit. 
- Two ground key-cock valves on main chamber. 
- "Bright Light" System. Two 1/4" NPT gas connections. 
- Transfer chamber (305mm long x 279mm I.D.) 

Internal dimensions: 1040 x 710 x 660 (WxDxH in mm) 
External dimensions: 1400 x 890 x 970 (WxDxH in mm) 


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