Class II Biohazard cabinet 1300 mm
  • Class II Biohazard cabinet 1300 mm
  • Class II Biohazard cabinet 1300 mm
  • Class II Biohazard cabinet 1300 mm

The Alpina Class II biohazard cabinets truly are everything you look for when working with hazardous products. Only high quality components, very complete as a standard and advantageous sums up the TUV certified Alpina Class II Biohazard cabinets.  

Standard Features: 
- two HEPA filters with 99.995% efficiency for MPPS 
- control system with built-in touch panel with menu in eight languages (EN, DE, FR, SP, TR, RU, IT, PL) 
- compensation of filter wear ensuring constant and safe air flow rate in the chamber 
- hour meter of operation time of the device and UV lamps and regulated air flow, 
- clear and easy to use control panel – optical and sound signaling 
- front window made of double tempered glass without a frame inclined at an angle of 8° electrically raised and lowered with the possibility of sliding to the end – closing the working area 
- split or full worktop, made of stainless steel, and the interior of the work area made of stainless steel 
- permanently attached UV lamp, placed in the upper rear part of the work area, protected against accidental switching on during operation 
- energy-saving white LED lighting and workspace sides with window openings or full 
- work area equipped with a stainless steel drain for easy removal of dirt and washing the chamber 
- two sockets for electricity or optional valves for vacuum, gas or air, armrest dismantled, frame on locked wheels 
- the chamber has a digital hours counter and an internal supervision system informing about work errors 

BIO 130 A2 version – dimensions: 1340/790/2094 (WxDxH in mm) 


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