Climate chamber 626 Liter
  • Climate chamber 626 Liter

Weisstechnik® Temperature Cabinet CareEvent ET/620/20/60
The temperature cabinet has an insulated stainless-steel test chamber and a stainless-steel exterior at front and sides.
The stainless steel door give access to the full height of the testing area and is lockable. At the ceiling above the test space
the air handling system is mounted with cooling and heating. The air from the test chamber is forced through the air
treatment system and blown into the back which gives a good temperature distribution. In the top of the cabinet the
technical installation, electrical panel mounted and controls are mounted. The cabinet is supplied with a power plug.
Test space : 631 liter
Test space dimensions : W620 x D685 x H1305 mm
External dimensions : W770 x D960 x H1995 mm
Temperature range : -20 .. 60°C 1)
Temperature accuracy : time ±0,5K, place ±0.7K
Controller : Eurotherm 2216e PID with digital display
Temperature sensor : Pt100 according to DIN EN 60751 class A
Temperature safety : thermostat, fixed
Defrosting : automatic, during defrosting the temperature will rise
Air circulation : axial fan
Cooling : hermetic compressor, air cooled condenser, evaporator Cu/Alu
Refrigerant : R449a
Heating : stainless steel elements
Shelves : stainless steel, 4 pieces (max. 18), sizes B530 x D650 mm
adjustable in height, max. load per shelve 30 kg, max. total 250 kg
Walls test space : stainless steel
Outside : doors and side walls stainless steel
Isolation walls : 75mm PUR
Lead through : left side, ø50mm, with silicon plug
Doors : with lock and frame heating
Wheels : 4 pieces swivel wheels, front wheels with brake
Documentation : Manual in EN, drawings and part list, CE
Cable : 3m with plug
External connections : 230V, 1/N/PE, 50Hz, 2.0kW
drain, pressure free
environment 15 .. 30ºC

1) At constant operating below +10°C for extended periods of time may lead to icing of the evaporator if moisture can
penetrate from the outside, eg. by unclosed openings, frequent opening of the door or if additional moisture gain in the
test chamber (for example, by the test material ). In these cases, the evaporator must be at certain time intervals by
heating up to +10°C to be defrosted.

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