Liquid N2 Generator - 40l/day - Air cooled - 100L storage

Liquid N2 Generator - 40l/day - Air cooled - 100L storage
  • Liquid N2 Generator - 40l/day - Air cooled - 100L storage
Make your own high-quality liquid nitrogen, anywhere, anytime. On site liquid nitrogen generation is extremely easy. Experience first-hand the convenience of having the generator in your lab without delivery hassles. Never run out of liquid nitrogen.
Vapors released by liquid nitrogen, due to its very low boiling point (-196,79°C) that instantly transforms it into gaseous state in contact with air, attract everyone’s curiosity but you must not be tricked as it can be very dangerous if not properly handled. The technology has huge implications for industrial, medical and laboratory applications, removing the need for liquid nitrogen tanker deliveries, which as well as being inconvenient, drive up costs and create potential problems with evaporation and contamination. The control system used gives operators all the information
necessary to ensure an efficient and consistent supply of liquid nitrogen and nitrogen gas are always available.
» Extremely Easy to Use
» Built-in Low Noise Air Compressor
» Built-in Oxygen Analyzer with Alarm
» PSA Technology
» Vacuum Prevention System on Dewar
» Built in Dewar tank
» Color Graphic Touch Screen
» Low Noise Level
Liquid Nitrogen Volume (L/day):    40 
Built in dewar capacity (L):            100 
Air compressor:                             Included
Control system:                             HMI color graphic touch screen
Electrical input options:                230V 50Hz or 220V 60Hz (1phase) 
Power consumption (Kw):                3.0 @50Hz 
Max altitude (mt) Up to:                 Up to 3.000
Ambient temperature range (°C):    +4 to +32
Noise level (dBA):                           65 @1mt
Dimensions (LxWxH cm):                 120x60x180 
Weight (Kg):                                  350 
Water cooled version:                     Available

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