Why is our slogan “Striking in Service”?

Written by Raimon Keijzer op 5 March 2021Leestijd: 5 minuten

Why is our slogan “Striking in Service”?

How often do you see it when you look on a website? “Quality and service come first” or “service is our passion”. Nice slogans, but you still don't know what this “service” means for this company.

With us, the focus is also primarily on service, and I would like to explain exactly what this means.

To explain this, we will have to start at the beginning: at the end of 2009 to be precise. This was the moment when Michel Keijzer (commercial) and Jordy van Hoesen (technical) joined forces and started the company Scala Scientific. Countless evenings passed where it was discussed what Scala should stand for.

The conclusion was fairly simple: good products, fast service and short (often informal) lines between the customer and Scala. No answering machines, call back requests or "we'll be there next week" answers. You could say that this was the starting point on which everything revolved around from the start.

In the 11 years that followed, the Scala Scientific team grew, and every new employee was immersed in Scala's philosophy: service, service and service. This ensures that everyone from the sales department to the administrative staff is aware of what it's all about: solving the customer's problems, as quickly as practically possible.

Having a philosophy is fun, and doing your very best is important, but this does not always mean that the customer will actually notice this philosophy.

After 10 years of Scala Scientific, we wanted to know how our customers REALLY thought about us. That is why we approached an independent research agency in 2020 with the question whether they wanted to investigate whether the experience of the customers is as positive as we would like.

Of course we had an idea. For instance: last October I received the following e-mail from a Senior Staff Scientist from Oegstgeest, out of nowhere.

Dear Raimon,

Last Friday we had a problem (leakage) with one of our coolers. This cooling is essential for one of our measuring instruments (ICP). ICP is used 24/7 to measure water samples from customers and is therefore very important for the continuity of our service.

An analyst called the Scala service number around 7h30 to report the malfunction and was called back by a technician within half an hour. The technician (Roy Luit) arrived at 10:30 am, carried out the repair and the instrument was operational again before 12:00 pm. The lab was very pleased with the service and especially Roy's customer-oriented approach and helpfulness.

 I would like to bring this to your attention and especially thank you for the excellent service! ”

A wonderful compliment, of course, especially when you know that compliments never make it into the newspapers.

Only: “one swallow doesn't make a summer” isn't it?

That is why this independent agency has started interviewing various clients throughout the Netherlands. This was also very exciting for us, as we were not involved in any way.

We received these interviews mid-November 2020. And what we hoped for turned out to be true.

Just a selection of what these customers answered on the question:
"When you look at Scala Scientific, how do you describe the company?"

“An involved, medium-sized, pleasant and professional company. They think proactively in solving malfunctions. They are skilled and know what they are talking about. ”


“Accessible and pleasant people. When I call them, they answer the phone quite quickly. I do not end up in a queue and they also respond quickly to emails. I also think it is important that they are honest. "


“It remains a small and flat company. They are very informative, also towards each other. They are no high lords. Because they are so accessible, they can switch very easily at any level. Whether it is a warehouse employee or a CEO, they adapt very easily. That is very nice when working together. They also know their business and have a lot of in-house knowledge. Almost everyone you talk to at Scala has that knowledge in-house. They all understand the processes and the freezers themselves. ”


“They are small in terms of number of employees. I do have the impression that they are very big at what they do. They are quite a major player in the Netherlands and Europe. They have created a beautiful name and a beautiful brand. I also saw that at an annual conference. Many tissue banks from Europe are affiliated with this. The congress was held in the Netherlands for the first time last year. Then Scala was also there at our invitation. I saw that there was a lot of interest in their products. ”


When it turned out that not only our own philosophy, but also the experience of our customers matched exactly, we knew what our slogan should be.

What Scala Scientific would describe perfectly in 3 words.



Will nothing ever go wrong?
Of course it does, but we are always honest about it and always resolve this in consultation with the customer as quickly as possible.

Are you the cheapest?
Sometimes we are, sometimes we are not. The price of our products is not our priority. What we want is that you get the right solution, for the right price, with the service that goes with it.

Is it all about service for you?
YES! In all areas. If you want a quote or information about a particular product, you want to be helped quickly by an account manager who takes your questions seriously. If you have a faulty freezer on Christmas Eve, you want help the same night! If you have a question about an invoice, quotation or delivery time, you want to speak to someone from the administration office quickly. Speed, transparency, honesty and expertise. That is what we mean by Striking in Service.

Are you curious about what Scala Scientific can do for you? Or do you think after this story: I would like to test that service? Let us know!

You can call or email, but you can also take a look at our team page. This way you immediately have the right person on the phone!

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